According to Gartner ®, “By 2026, over 40% of organizations developing proprietary applications will adopt ASPM to more rapidly identify and resolve application security issues.”

The question is, what do you need to know about ASPM today? Discover more from Gartner in this complimentary free report.

Saltworks Security is
an application security consulting company.

We partner with organizations to build world-class application security programs from Policy to Production.

Integrating AppSec into your agile cycle gets reactive and overwhelming.

We can help you formulate a plan.


We collaborate with you and your team to design a customized security plan for your enterprise’s unique needs.


We bring our expert knowledge and experience and help to implement effective Application Security across your organization’s development groups.


We work hand-in-hand with your enterprise to manage your security program and ensure that your AppSec needs and goals are being met.


We partner with your team to measure the success of your security program, leveraging real-time metrics to show continuous improvement in the security and efficiency of your applications.

Policy & Procedure

Infrastructure & Architecture


Develop, Test, Release


Working together to build world-class application security programs

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